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The Rec is available for hire for a range of sports and activities.


Have an idea how we can improve The Rec, we want to hear from you!


For all enquires: Email:;     Letters:  Pulteney Mews, Bath BA2 4DS.


Derwent Campbell  (Chair)
David Durdan  (Vice Chair)
Stephen Baddeley
Liz Bloor
Simon Emery
Geoffrey Fairclough
Mike Laughton
Angela Lewis
Chris Watt

Brief profiles on each of the Directors/Trustees can be found through link on "About Us" page.

Directors/Trustees are always grateful to receive your ideas by email or letter, please email to or post to Bath Recreation Limited, Pulteney Mews, Bath BA2 4DS and your correspondence will be forwarded on to them. Our Chair can also be contacted through


Chief Executive: John Flinn
Office Manager: Irene Simms
Grounds Manager: Dave Cobb
Sports Development Manager: Kevin Adams


If you would like to contribute (ideas, stories, pictures regarding the Recreation Ground) or have any questions about the website, please contact us: Email:

Meetings of Directors/Trustees

The Directors/Trustees meet regularly to discuss the management of Bath Recreation Limited.    An annual meeting, open to the public, will be held in the autumn each year, notification will be published in accordance with legal requirements.   Minutes of the Annual Meetings:

16 September 2015

28 September 2016

13 September 2017


We are very proud to announce that Bath Recreation Limited has received an award from the Institu...


At the Annual Meeting of Bath Recreation Limited on 12 September, Trustees/Directors responded to...

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