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The Recreation Ground is in the heart of the beautiful world heritage city of Bath.  Located just 5 minutes from the main bus and train stations, BathRec provides for a wide range of sporting and recreational activities including events.

Recreation for all in the heart of Bath

BathRec has been used by the people of Bath, the surrounding area and visitors alike for over a hundred years.  A wide range of sport has been played on the grounds including croquet, tennis, football, cricket, lacrosse, volleyball and rugby - it has been the home of Bath Rugby since 1865. 

In addition to sport BathRec has been the venue for numerous events including music and arts as well as the Bath Rotary Fireworks which celebrated their 40th year in 2015.  BathRec is the base for the Bath Half Marathon, a major fund raising event in the heart of the city, and a number of other community events.

BathRec is available for hire for a range of sports and activities and the Trustees have prepared a Strategic Development Plan to further enhance the opportunities for all - if you or your organisation would like to explore the potential we would love to hear from you.

BathRec is owned and operated by the Bath Recreation Ground Trust.  The Trust's objects are:

The provision, with or without charge, of property in or near Bath (including, but not limited to, the Bath Recreation Ground) for use as outdoor recreation facilities for the benefit of the public.

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The Rec is available for hire for a range of sports and activities.

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The Rotary Club of Bath will again be holding their annual fireworks display at the Recreation Gr...


The 2016/17 Financial Statements, year ending 31 March 2017 can be reviewed ...

Incorporation and the Charity Commission

The Trustees now intend to incorporate the charity in line with the provision of the Scheme handed down in December 2016.   In practice this will make no fundamental changes to the operation of the charity including the Recreation Ground.  By incorporating, the Trustees seek only to make administrative changes that will reduce liability and make the day to day operations of the Trust more straightforward.

It is required by charitable law that the Charity Commission makes a new Scheme in order to authorise the incorporation process.   The Charity Commission commented as:

"The Commission proposes to make a Scheme (a legal document) for this charity.   The Scheme will appoint Bath Recreation Ltd (registered charity 1173521 - "the charitable company") as sole trustee of the charity, and transfer unrestricted funds and assets of the charity to the charitable company.   The Scheme will also make various administrative amendments to the existing Scheme governing this charity, in order to reflect the appointment of the charitable company as the sole trustee."

Accompanying documents for information are:


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