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The Recreation Ground is located in the very centre of the beautiful world heritage city of Bath.  It plays a valuable role at the heart of the community, providing for a wide range of sporting and recreational activities and events.  It is also the home of Bath Rugby. 

The site has been used for sport and recreation for over a hundred years and played an important part in the development locally of cricket, football, rugby, tennis, bowls and croquet.  The Recreation Ground was conveyed to the City of Bath Corporation in 1956 and for many years was managed alongside the Council's other recreational facilities. 

The Trust

The trustees are currently; Derwent Campbell (Chair), David Durdan (Vice Chair), Stephen Baddeley, Liz Bloor, Simon Emery, Geoffrey Fairclough and Michael Laughton, Angela Lewis and Chris Watt.   Background on the Trustees is given here

The objectives of the Trust

A new Scheme was issued for the Trust in December 2016 and the objectives are described as:

the provision, with or without charge, of property in or near Bath (including, but not limited to, the Bath Recreation Ground) for use as outdoor recreational facilities for the benefit of the public.

Our plans for the future

The Trust has adopted a strategy for 2017 - 2022 details can be found at: Strategic Plan

The strategic goals are:

1.   Provide and maintain enhanced outdoor recreational and sporting facilities adjacent to the Sports and Leisure centre.

2.   Maintain and improve where prudent revenue streams from the Trust’s assets.

3.   Use best endeavours to identify demand for recreational and sporting facilities in or near Bath and meet those needs when deemed prudent and possible to do so. This may include:

a.   Identifying existing grounds for enhancing recreational and sporting uses.

b.   Identifying ground with potential for recreational and sporting uses.

c.    Consideration of vulnerable recreational and sporting facilities for intervention and support.

4.   Promote attempts to ensure that all Trust facilities have the opportunity for Community Use.

5.   Create financial reserves and current cash flow to enable the above.


The Trust's Report of the Trustees and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2016 as submitted to the Charity Commission are attached here.


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The 2016/17 Financial Statements, year ending 31 March 2017 can be reviewed ...

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