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Appointment of new role - General Manager, Activity at Bath Recreation

Alicia John has joined Bath Recreation in this new and exciting role for the organisation as Bath Recreation continues to grow, influencing the recreational landscape in and around Bath, while developing a new chapter that will have a lasting impact on the community of Bath in nurturing positive lifestyles.

 Alicia said, "This role will give me the chance to bring bigger picture thinking into play to positively impact the unfairness and inequality that we see here in Bath, using a tool that is close to my heart in sport and recreation." 

Alicia has recently completed an Executive MBA at the University of Bath and excelled in professional roles at the university for over 10 years culminating in Franchise Manager, Team Bath Netball. Bath Recreation has strong interaction with the University of Bath and Alicia will certainly maintain and build on one of Bath Recreation's key relationships.

Bath Recreation, as a charity, has been able to create positive change with the in-schools Buds Programme in primary schools in Bath, developing teamwork, trust, resilience, positivity and respect, while the Glasshouse Academy has had more one-to-one relationships boosting confidence, enthusiasm and engagement. Alicia will be overseeing these programmes; building on the current success whilst showing a commitment to a longer-term plan to improve access and opportunity for sport and recreation for the people of Bath.

Alicia commented, "The power of sport and recreation to transform lives and communities is immeasurable. I am really excited by the prospect of driving forward a programme that can, in a sustainable way, reach into the heart of our city and provide choice and opportunity for a better future."

Bath Recreation is a financially sustainable charity that is pursuing three strategic goals to demonstrate that we can prove a model for the future of recreation. 

Our three goals are; Influence - to be recognised as a trusted partner for recreation in and near Bath over the next five years. Stability - financially stable and diversified funding stream to continue our charitable work. Growth - to investigate opportunities to protect, maintain and develop sites in and near Bath.

Bath Recreation provides property for use as recreational facilities for the benefit of the public so that our community can lead healthy, active and happy lives, with the premise of Nurturing Positive Lifestyles.

John Flinn, CEO at Bath Recreation said, "Alicia is a motivated, high energy, dynamic leader who will bring a strong and diverse blend of sporting and management experience, gained in a high-performance sport environment, to establish a lasting positive impact on people and communities".

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