Bath Recreation is a self-funded charity that is intent on creating a model for the future of sports and recreation. We believe that recreation can be financially sustainable.

We are a charitable organisation operating in and near Bath, providing recreational facilities and delivering educational programmes.

We hope that you can find all the information that you need on this website, and please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


Our mission is ‘providing opportunities for our community to lead healthy, active and happy lives’. This is why we exist; to enable people of all ages within our community to have the opportunity to enhance and enjoy their lives through recreation.

Being financially sustainable is an absolute keystone to our purpose; our history and longevity ensure that we are here to stay and will continue to provide opportunities during the following decades and for future generations.

We provide these opportunities via an array of programmes delivered at our properties which include The Bath Recreation Ground, The Glasshouse Academy Pavilion and Grounds and Broadmoor Lane Orchard & Play Park.

We have inspiring relationships with numerous schools, clubs, organisations, partners, pupils, parents and other charities throughout the community of Bath and surrounding areas.

Ultimately, we are driven by a desire to help people to enjoy recreational activities so that they can lead healthy, active and happy lives.


Bath Recreation provides opportunities for everyone to enjoy our recreational facilities through our property, facilities and programmes in order to nurture positive lifestyles.

We are committed to doing good, being part of the community and helping people thrive and lead a better lifestyle through recreation. We are compassionate and empathetic. Above all we are positive and enthusiastic, being the best of what we can achieve, maintaining a belief that we can change a situation into something better.



  • Local Schools & Colleges
  • Pupils & Parents
  • Children of all Ages
  • Sports Clubs & Teams
  • Charitable Organisations


The premise for anything that we do needs to answer the question – is it nurturing positive lifestyles, or can it contribute to Bath Recreation providing opportunities for the community to lead healthy, active and happy lives.

The key activities are the Glasshouse Academy (out of school) and Buds (in-school) programmes that provide children with the best opportunities to grow and become future employees and for them to contribute to their communities and enjoy recreation in and near Bath.



  • The Glasshouse Academy
  • The Buds Programme
  • Positive Life Experiences
  • Creating Future Role Models


Bath Recreation’s audience includes the young and the old and everyone in between, from diverse backgrounds, genders and ethnicities. Bath Recreation is for the benefit of the public at large and is open to all.

Our enduring purpose is all about nurturing positive lifestyles, and some of our charity work is focused on the younger generation, particularly the Glasshouse Academy and Buds programmes. We are nurturing the next generation to give them opportunities and a level playing field, so that they can have positive experiences and to enable them to become role models for the future.



  • Years 5, 6 & 7
    Having Fun & Building Trust
  • Years 8, 9 & 10
    Opportunities & Development
  • Years 11, 12 & 13
    Kick Starting the Next Phase


Providing inspiring sporting and recreational activities for 48 children on a weekly basis, the Glasshouse Academy is making a significant difference to individuals and communities in and around the city of Bath. Working in conjunction with six schools, pupils and parents, the Glasshouse Academy is an integral element of the activities of Bath Recreation.



The Buds programme aims to release the untapped potential of children in the Bath area and has almost seven hundred pupils participating in high-quality PE sessions every week. Committed to creating a level playing field for all and raising aspirations, the Buds programme provides a vital outlet to inspire the next generations.



The activities of Bath Recreation are centred around three primary locations in the city, namely The Rec, The Glasshouse Academy Grounds and Broadmoor Lane Orchard & Play Park. Each location hosts a rich and diverse portfolio of activities designed to encourage participation in sporting and leisure pursuits.



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