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General security and Covid measures 

We are delighted to be beginning to get back to some form of operational normality across our estate sites and excited for the launch of our new Glasshouse Academy Programme. It is also fantastic news about our tenant's the Bath Rugby Foundation who have been awarded funding for their Summer break out programme after last year's successful pilot.

Despite moving to stage 4, we still need to retain some control measures to support the contrasting needs of our varied tenants and users.  Prior to Covid the Recreation Ground had ongoing difficulties with anti-social behaviour, drug abuse and homelessness which posed severe health and safety risks for our staff, tenants and visitors. In direct consultation with Avon and Somerset police and tenants two years ago we started to close the crossing points from the Recreation Ground outfield to the sports centre particularly from the underground car park.

This proved to be a successful counter measure at that time and was something we continued as part of our covid secure operations. Whilst the covid security has relaxed in places nationally we are determined to support our tenants to continue to keep these control measures in place. As a result, with the access through the Recreation Ground (over which there is no public right of way) will continue to be restricted. Of course, there is a public footpath along the riverside which allows for a traffic free option which brings you from the North side to the South side of the Recreation Ground.

Whilst the recreation ground is managed for tenants users and events we will continue to make the outfield available for light recreation for the general public subject to any events or activities. 


Covid Secure Statement

The Charity’s Objectives:

The provision, with or without charge, of property in or near Bath (including, but not limited to, the Bath Recreation Ground) for use as indoor and outdoor recreational facilities for the benefit of the public.

Bath Recreation facilities are available for hire for a range of sports and activities and the Charity has prepared a Strategic Development Plan to further enhance the opportunities for all - if you or your organisation would like to explore the potential we would love to hear from you.

Bath Recreation also manages Glasshouse Playing Fields and owns Broadmoor Lane Orchard and Play Area - further details on these local facilities can be viewed by clicking the links within the header above.


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