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Regular Activities

Bath Rugby Home Matches

 Bath Croquet Club 

Bath Mini Rugby - Sundays mornings - September to May

Bath Quidditch – Sunday afternoons

Bath Rugby Foundation Programmes

HITZ       -      “Move Like a Pro”    -      “Heart of a Lion” 

Schools Coaching Hub – Wednesdays/Thursdays afternoons - school terms

Cricket – May to September

Football, Touch Rugby, Frisbee, Tennis – Evenings: Spring to Autumn

Key Events Spring / Summer 2018

4 March  -  Bath Half Marathon

          10 March  -  International Women’s Day – Festival of Rugby

           17 March  -  Bath Taps Into Science

           28 April  -  Rugby Women’s Final

           26/27 May  -  The Bath Festival 2018

           1 July  -  Bike Bath

           21 July  -  Bath Carnival

           22 July  -  Sporting Family Change – Family Triathlon


Development Works 2018

Renovaton of Turnstiles

Upgrade of north boundary

Renovation of "The Hut"



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